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Brother HL-1230 PrinterBrother HL-1230 printer driver and software download page for all operating systems.
Brother HL-1230 Driver Downloads

Operating Systemss: Windows XP, Windows 7

  • Brother HL-1230 XP 32-Bit Driver Download (9.61 MB)
  • Brother HL-1230 XP 64-Bit Driver Download (0.90 MB)
  • Brother HL-1230 Win7 Driver Download (0.16 MB) – 32/64Bit

Operating System: Mac OS X

  • Brother HL-1230 Mac Driver Download (23.58 MB)

This driver works both the Brother HL-1230 Printer Download.

2 Comments to Brother HL-1230 Drivers

  1. The Windows 7 Download Links are not the drivers. They’re the driver uninstall executables. Could you please send me a link to the actual drivers? Thank you !

  2. Cos on June 8th, 2012
  3. The software listed here as “drivers” for Windows 7 (32- and 64-bit) are not drivers. They are a tool for uninstalling the driver.

  4. Harry on July 11th, 2012

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